June 30, 2007

kfile-chemical/STRIGI -> strigi-chemical

Kfile-chemical had three branches:
  • KDE3, where all chemical analyzers were KFilePlugin's and provided KFileMetaInfo;
  • KDE4, where nothing happened since it was branched;
  • STRIGI, all the metadata extractors were Strigi StreamLineAnalyzers.
I have started my project in kfile-chemical, but it will end up in a different tree. As it was recently proposed by Egon (my GSoC mentor) and confirmed by Jerome (kfile-chemical maintainer) and Jos (Strigi core developer), the STRIGI branch was separated from kfile-chemical.

Now it is called strigi-chemical. The reason is that it has no KDE dependencies at the moment. Strigi-chemical also lives in playground /utils/strigi-chemical/.

The situation at the moment is:
  • kfile-chemical is now what was previously kfile-chemical/KDE3 branch
  • kfile-chemical/KDE4 branch removed
  • strigi-chemical is now what was previously kfile-chemical/STRIGI branch

1 comment:

Egon Willighagen said...

Alexandr, might you please explain in your blog how you did the check out of the test repository using that SVN trick?